Just released: Mixed Width 6ft Long Plank Barn Wood Wall Panel Kits

Just released: Mixed Width 6ft Long Plank Barn Wood Wall Panel Kits

Mixed Width 6ft Long Plank Barn Wood Wall Panel Kits

Real Reclaimed American Barn Wood wall paneling now available in 6 foot mixed width packs. Our 27sf Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Long Plank Paneling Kits are made from authentic reclaimed antique barn wood and creates a unique space that perfectly finishes off any room or space. The application creates beautiful aesthetics with vintage wood weathered into the perfect wall panel.

When looking to use reclaimed wood panels for walls or any kind of reclaimed wood for walls, you can't beat these.

More coverage. Thicker material. Longer planks. For less than others charge.

Compare for yourself:

Vintage Wood Floor Company:

  • 27 Square Feet Per Box
  • 1' to 6' Long Planks (get 8' single width kits here)
  • Cupping-Resistant 3/8" Thick Planks
  • Century Old Hardwoods
  • $7.25sf 
  • 3 Widths Per Box (3 1/2", 4 1/2", 5 1/2")

Everyone Else:

  • Only 20 square feet per box (or less)
  • Random only up to 4' planks
  • Brittle and thin, mostly 1/16" - 1/8" planks
  • Mixed origin. Mostly new pine/douglas fir
  • $12sf - $18sf
  • Only 2 width choices 

Rich with a working history; weathered to perfection; antique barn wood has a beauty that is completely timeless. No two planks are the same – coloring and weathering depend on the barn’s location and exposure to the elements. The very nature of reclaimed barn wood material means planks may include knot holes--in these cases we recommend painting the surface behind the planks to coordinate in tone or to blackout a white wall. Made from only American barn wood.

You won't get flimsy, stick-on boards from us.

reclaimed barn wood wall planks

Compare our thicker planks (which resist warping and cupping) against others and you’ll see the exceptional value, authenticity, and enduring quality.

Installation is a snap and can be done with a construction adhesive and small brad nail gun (either or both). We don't recommend or provide adhesive tape regardless of the tape's warranty and ease. Your home is an investment and when you make the move to upgrade a room with our reclaimed wall paneling, it should be done to last. Using a peel and stick application is convenient, but not the best. Sure, the planks can be easily removed but good luck getting the tape off the wall. Using a brad nail gun is great, using a construction polyurethane adhesive is better, and using both will ensure you'll never be let down by a proper installation. 

reclaimed barn wood wall paneling

ORDER BY THE BOX: 27 Square Feet Per Long Plank Box

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