What is Reclaimed Wood?

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood differs from new wood in that it has not been newly harvested; reclaimed wood was once used for another purpose. At The Vintage Wood Floor company, we begin by finding the finest and most unique reclaimed materials on Earth. We look in the mid-West, we look in the old Amish towns in Pennsylvania, and we look in Europe, checking every source for authenticity and quality. We sort through every reclaimed wood board and make sure it speaks of its origin and is able to withstand another century or two of wear. 

We come across numerous 200-year-old barns that have lived past their usefulness and are structurally unsound, despite the fact that they were the pride of their communities for generations. The harsh reality is that the cost to make these structures sound again is often too high for their owners. We take these structures that would otherwise be burned and/or disposed of and save them piece by piece. Then we re-use them for another purpose, like a floor, beam, or architectural accent.

Instead of cutting down trees and creating more material, we use what’s already out there. There is enough forested wood in the United States alone to be re-used for our building purposes without cutting down one more tree; so we don’t.

The result of using reclaimed wood is a work of art, an antique floor that brings a past time to the modern world.

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