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Antique Barrel Collection

Wine Barrel Flooring | Prefinished | Red Wine Infused | 12sf

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Real wine barrel flooring. Made from the red wine infused interior of retired oak wine barrels. Flooring, counter tops, shelving, walls, ceilings, and more. Our floors tell a story. What does yours say? This is a special order product.

Wine connoisseurs rejoice. For years, you’ve celebrated the rich colors and deep character of your favorite bottle. And now with our Antique Barrel Collection Wine Soaked Wine Barrel Flooring, these sumptuous tones can saturate your home or commercial project. These barrels and casks are collected one by one from California’s wine country, then meticulously handcrafted into striking floors of uncommon beauty.

This material shows the rich red and purple tones produced by the wine as it matures including brown tones which are from barrels that were toasted prior to filling with wine. For those looking to create an alluring tone, our Wine Soaked flooring can add a luxurious hue to any room or project.

This material is from the inside of the barrel. If you're looking for planks showing the outside of the barrel then consider our Coopersmark wine barrel material. Use this material for walls, flooring, ceilings, and we often build counter-tops and shelving with it as well!

Comes prefinished, includes clear satin finish--water based polyurethane (2 coats). No stain, tint or color is added. The images show the natural color variation between planks which is a desired attribute. No two planks are the same and no effort is made to 'match' color tones as this defeats the purpose of the finished look.  This material has a range of colors from blonde, brown, pink, to dark burgundy.


  • 12 square foot bundles only
  • Lengths: random lengths from 5" to 20"
  • Widths: Mixed widths from 1.25" to 3" (ultimate max width is determined by the barrel's construction, not but us. Width may terminate at 2"),
  • Edge: Tongue and groove
  • Final Thickness: 1/2"
  • Price is $40 per square foot. Please order 10% extra for waste to avoid significant short-run charges to get you additional pieces if you under ordered 

Calculate your square footage need, divide by 12, then adjust the quantity accordingly to complete the order.

Lead time to ship: Every order is hand made, and made to order. We do not have this rare material 'on the shelf'. Lead time to ship depends upon when the order is received but is generally 8-12 weeks, but may be much sooner. We'll let you know when the order is received, or you can inquire prior to ordering.

Got Questions? Give us a call, text, or email

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A 12sf MINIMUM ORDER (1 box). We suggest ordering a minimum of 10% over to ensure you have enough material. BY ORDERING "1" YOU ARE ORDERING "1" 12SF BUNDLE OF MATERIAL. If you need more than 12sf you will need to order additional 12sf units; no partial units are available for order.

All of the wine and whiskey barrel materials shown on this site are available only through us. We've innovated the methods to convert these barrels into materials of unmatched beauty.

Everything we offer is made to order. We do not offer free samples, if a product has a sample option you may purchase samples from that listing. We do not have material on-hand and are not set up for 'cash and carry' sales. 

Please note that sorting by specific colors is not possible. If you wish to sort by your preferred color (e.g. "darks, no light planks") you will need to order additional material and sort once received. If we were to sort based on preference, each successive customer would have less variability in color range. Thank you for your understanding as we serve the needs of all customers.

If this listing shows 'sold out', please inquire about a special order to

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Given the nature of how precious the material resources are that we use--reclaimed, one of a kind barn and other reclaimed wood--once work begins and cuts are made on material for your order we cannot off refunds. **NO REFUNDS ON WORK REQUIRING THE CUTTING OF ANY MATERIAL**

The Vintage Wood Floor Company is not a retailer or an importer. We are a manufacturer. Which means we produce our own products; managing the entire process from reclamation to delivery. Everything we offer is created under the watchful eye of our owner and Head Craftsman, who proudly trains each craftsman on our team. While we offer many products, we have only one standard – excellence. Our core business is custom work, making your visions come to life so if you have a project that requires an authentic touch let us show you what we can do.