Vintage, Reclaimed, Restored, Recycled--Remarkable

The Antique Barrel Collection is by The Vintage Wood Floor Company. Our never-ending push to find new applications for reclaimed materials has spawned a large enough business to give it its own name. The Antique Barrel Collection is the name, and as the name suggests; the products under this flag are primarily produced from retired wine and whiskey barrels. 

Vintage wood flooring; reclaimed from the past, repurposed for the future.

The Vintage Wood Floor Company prides itself on preserving the authentic heritage of old structures by giving them new life. The original siding, flooring, beams, and other timber we recover are carefully collected and repurposed within an eco-friendly framework that preserves the past while respecting the environment. 

We begin by combing the world – searching for authentic materials that have absorbed centuries of character through the passage of time. We scour the Midwest, Amish towns in Pennsylvania, tobacco counties down south, and isolated pockets across Europe. It’s a never-ending scavenger hunt, but it yields real treasure. The materials we collect possess an antique opulence that is enhanced through loving restoration. From start to finish, our process is absolutely meticulous. We begin with inspection, followed by air-drying, kiln-drying, milling, hand scraping and hand finishing. The result: a truly one-of-a-kind floor that imparts timeless warmth, character, and beauty.

Meet the Founder, Joe Pfeiffer 

Joe Pfeiffer was raised in rural Reeseville, Wisconsin. Upon graduating high school, he entered the Marine Corp and then became the first in his family to attend an Ivy League school at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. When he settled down in Orange County, CA he decided to use vintage wood floors in his renovated home project.  During that process, he found that his passion was based more in creativity and being a true entrepreneur at heart, Joe left his suit and tie job in high tech sales to start his own business, The Vintage Wood Floor Company in 2006.

Inspired by his own experience, he created a new way to working with reclaimed wood. Joe believes “reclaimed” does not need to mean poor quality and it should never be an excuse to deliver poorly constructed materials.

Scouring the country and even the World for wood ‘worn by the wind and tempered by time’, Joe sources materials from 300-year-old European chateaus to 100-year-old railroad cars to Amish homes from the 1800′s.

“The floor really tells a story,” Pfeiffer said. “All the floors are unique in the way they look and where they come from and using reclaimed wood means you truly own a piece of history.”

Our reclamation passion hasn't stopped with barn wood. In fact, we reclaimed retired wine and whiskey barrels turning them into spectacular flooring, shelving, wall paneling, and much more. This side of our business is growing so rapidly we knew it was time to dedicate a brand and website to these products. We're launching new barrel derived products all of the time under the brand Antique Barrel Collection. We hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we enjoy creating them.

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