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The Vintage Wood Floor Company

The Vintage Wood Floor Company

We are TheVintageWoodFloorCompany.com. A Veteran owned and operated, antique reclaimed barn wood flooring, and American vintage wood lumber company located in the heart of Orange County.

Our Homeowner Clients, Designers, and Builders have the unique opportunity to visit the mill where their hardwood flooring is made. Reclaimed barn wood has a special way to impart charm and character like no other material can from its historical significance and authenticity. Adding reclaimed wood to a space adds an earthiness and warmth no matter the environment.

We don't advertise, we let our work create the buzz. You'll see what we mean when you visit.

When wondering where to buy reclaimed wood flooring and you've not heard of us, look no further than our 30,000sf state of the art manufacturing facility in Anaheim, CA. Take a bow to history and to those who labored endlessly to create these shelters by helping us give them a second life.

All of our products are made to order and it all begins with a conversation. Let us show you what we're up to with a visit to our mill and showroom by making an appointment today.

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The Antique Barrel Collection 

Visit The Antique Barrel Collection website by The Vintage Wood Floor CompanyThe AntiqueBarrelCollection.com is a division of The Vintage Wood Floor Company. Our never-ending push to find new applications for reclaimed materials has spawned a large enough business to give it its own name. The Antique Barrel Collection is the name, and as the name suggests, the products under this flag are primarily produced from retired wine and whiskey barrels. Every step of the process from ideation, design, prototyping, raw material reclamation, converting, production through to packaging is done by us; in-house. Our products are as unique as the materials they are made from. If you're looking for something no one else has, you've come to the right place.

Reclaimed wood flooring; reclaimed from the past, repurposed for the future.

The Box Beam Collection

Visit The Box Beam Collection by The Vintage Wood Floor Company

The BoxBeamCollection.com is a division of the Vintage Wood Floor Company which specializes in custom, hand made box beams. When launching this division online, we wanted to break the mold. We couldn't find anyone on the web who had the legacy reputation we have and who focused on builders and homeowners who need custom, authentic reclaimed and new wood box beams. It was either hand-distressed new wood made to look old, foam and synthetic materials, or just plain ugly. After launching this dedicated division we quickly realized how unserved this market was. Using either reclaimed or newly harvested wood, unfinished or custom finished; we do one thing and do it very well. With a dedicated team of Craftsmen with a century of experience, we build spectacular box beams for architectural elements to door frames and everything in between. When your project calls for the very best in material selection to execution, make sure you choose a company who has not only the experience but the capacity to handle the types and quantities your project calls for

The Mantel Collection

The Mantel Collection Website

Our MantelCollection.com is a division of the Vintage Wood floor Company which is set up to focus exclusively on mantels. Our mantels are hand picked from our 30,000sf inventory of solid reclaimed barn wood beams. Only the best are pulled for this purpose since a mantel is often a focal point of a room. To that end, our mantels tell a story. We product both solid and box beam mantels, in a variety of material surface types such as Hand Hewn, Rough Sawn, and ReSawn. What story do you want to tell? Let's start that conversation together.