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Antique Barrel Collection

Wine Barrel Flooring | Prefinished | Coopersmark | 12sf

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Handcrafted from reclaimed wine barrels, our Coopersmark Reclaimed Wine Barrel flooring is made from the outside of retired wine barrels – showcasing all the patina, Cooper's stamps, and winery markings of the original estates. The sumptuous history and authenticity of this special material makes it the flooring of choice for wine aficionados everywhere, and a favorite for upscale wine cellars and wine rooms across the country.

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Our Antique Barrel Collection Coopersmark Wine Barrel Flooring is made from the exterior of retired red wine barrel heads (lids/ends). The subtle variety of color tones and beautiful wood grain, along with the authenticity of the maker's (Cooper's) marks--and vintner's stampings makes it the surface of choice for wine aficionados everywhere, or designers looking for the next stunning floor that people will talk about.

This material is used for more than just reclaimed flooring. Consider our Coopersmark Oak Wine Barrel material for shelving, table tops, counters, walls, ceiling tiles, wainscoting, feature walls, kitchen island fascia, back splash, edge banding, and more.

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Includes satin finish (water based polyurethane). No stain is added; the images show the natural color variation between planks which is a desired attribute; where there is stark variation between the depth of color in the images it is simply due to the lighting when the photos were taken. This is exquisitely rare material and no two planks are the same. No effort is made to 'match' color tones as this defeats the purpose of the finished look. 

-Sold in 12 square foot bundles only
-Lengths: mixed lengths from 5" to 20"
-Widths: Mixed widths from 1" to 3.25", tongue and groove (varies with lot)
-Final Thickness: 1/2"  Solid
-Finished with water-based satin polyurethane
-Please order 10% extra for waste to avoid significant short-run delays 

We cannot control the quantity, clarity, or placement of the Cooper’s marks. Expect at least one marking on every square foot of material. Markings are placed across the planks so please do not expect to have a full marking in the center of a plank.

Calculate your square footage then divide this result by "12". Order this number of boxes.

Lead time to ship: Every order is hand made, and made to order. We do not have this preciously rare material 'on the shelf'. Lead time to ship is 8-12 weeks from receipt of order.

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A 12sf MINIMUM ORDER on our Coopersmark Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring. We suggest ordering a minimum of 10% over to ensure you have enough material. BY ORDERING "1" YOU ARE ORDERING "1" 12SF BUNDLE OF MATERIAL. To help you achieve your 10% overage for cuts and waste, you have the option of ordering 1sf boxes in addition to the 12sf boxes.

Given the nature of how precious the material resources are that we use--reclaimed, one of a kind barn and other reclaimed wood--once work begins and cuts are made on material for your order we cannot off refunds. **NO REFUNDS ON WORK REQUIRING THE CUTTING OF ANY MATERIAL**

 Coopersmark Wine Barrel Flooring Spec Sheet < Download the Spec Sheet


*Images showing a pattern are for custom built table tops built by us. Pattern available only for products built by us. Contact us to custom order

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