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Antique Barrel Collection

Wine Barrel Staves | Whole Staves | 10-Pack

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Get 10 aged wine barrel staves for just $65! The uses are endless, from furniture and décor, to BBQ smoking chips.

Reclaimed oak wine barrel staves. We've done the hard work for you by breaking down the wine barrels. Each wine barrel stave has the unmistakable rich burgundy wine infused tones on each stave's interior. 

These reclaimed wine barrel staves are already bundled into 10-pack units so we cannot accommodate hand selection requests. You will receive a variety of widths. Your wine barrel staves are provided uncleaned and unfinished, in their natural state. These are used and will have the odor of wine

You will receive a mixed batch of staves. Stave range in width (approximately) from 1" - 3" and 30"+ long (varies).

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